I am working on developing a novel reservoir based global drought monitoring system that focuses on droughts in reservoirs (based on storage and evaporation losses), how these droughts are changing in the current climate across the globe, and how humans influence these droughts, especially in the era of the Anthropocene.


Developing NASA’s Global Water Reservoir product suite using MODIS and VIIRS observations


These products (MOD28C2, MOD28C3, VNP28C2, and VNP28C3) provide area, elevation, storage, evaporation rate, and evaporation volume data for 164 global reservoirs. It includes 151 man-made reservoirs (2,672 km^3) and 13 regulated natural lakes (23,801 km^3). The total storage capacity of the 151 man-made reservoirs represents approximately 45.82% of the global capacity.